Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze Review

Despite hearing a lot of positive reviews about the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer when I received it free from Boots after buying several other Rimmel London products I didn’t think I’d like it as it looked quite orange and dark but I’ve actually managed to make it work for me and I’ve been really enjoying it, here’s why.
rimmel london natural bronzer 022 sun bronze

The price of this bronzer is Ā£5.99 usually which I don’t think is too epensive at all and I can’t complain because I got mine free. I do like the clear packaging and sun image on the brzoner but I wish that Rimmel London would make the packaging a little more study on the powders because I have been known to drop and smash these lids and I always fear to put this in my bag in case the lid falls off and the product goes everywhere.
dark swatch

In terms of colour this is quite pigmented so it’s not hard to see why so many people love it, I do think it is a little on the orange side but I can manage to work with it, if you are pale like me I would definitely recommend a light hand even if you are contouring with it like I do because otherwise chances are you will look very orange.

In terms of texture this is a nice powder product it’s not too dry or cakey and it blends into the skin nicely, I usually apply this blend it in a little and then use my powder to tone it down if it is too cakey and it never looks too orange or muddy, I do think though if people are paler than me for example red hair and extremely pale colouring that this may be on the dark side.

I do think that Rimmel London should expand the shade range of these bronzers because when I got my free gift this was the only shade available and if you aren’t super tanned or have a medium complexion there is the worry that it will be too orange or too dark. This is a good bronzer but I think Rimmel London have gotten very close to the fine line between acceptable bronze and orange.

Overall though I do like this and I was expecting to hate it so that is a pleasant surprise. This is a good bronzer if you can get it to work for your skintone so I’d recommend swatching it in store before purchasing just in case, but other than that I have no qualms with this.

The Rimmel London Natural Bronzer is available here for Ā£5.59.

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2 Responses to Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze Review

  1. Maria B says:

    I am pale too, so i should definitely use a light hand with this šŸ˜€ thanks for talking about it! Xx

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