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So I quite fancied doing a tag post today and I thought that it would be fun to create my own tag. This is the Makeup Profiling Tag and the aim of it is to answer the questions that you would if you would create your own Makeup Profile, with a few extras of course. There are fifteen questions in total so let’s crack on.
on me

1) What is your skintype?
My skintype is combination I tend to get oiliness on my chin, redness on my cheeks and dryness around my nose.

2) What skintone do you have?
I have slightly olive skin because I have italian family members, I’m quite pale and my skin has yellow undertones.

3) What is your natural hair and eye colour?
My natural hair colour is dark brown and my natural eye colour is green.

4) What hair texture do you have?
My hair is quite thin but there is a lot of it, naturally it’s very wavy bordering on curly although it can be prone to frizziness.

5) What is your favourite facial feature (of yourself)?
My favourite facial feature is my eyes mainly because they’re green with a hint of brown around the middle which I think is quite unusual.

6) What three things would you change about your face?
* I’d like to have a more even skin tone and colour because dealing with both oiliness and dryness is a pain.
* I’d like to have longer lashes naturally because mine are shorter and cross over each other.
* I’d like my eyebrows to be less sparse so I didn’t constantly have to fill them in.

7) Where do you draw your beauty inspiration from?
I like to chop and change my look but I really like bold and fearless beauty which is where the tag line from my blog comes from. I like bold lip colours, bold hair colours and bold eyeshadow just because I know that when I hit middle age I may not be able to pull it off any more, and I like to stand out. I also love Gothic Makeup.

8) Do you like to try new looks or stick to one look?
I like to try different looks I think I’d get bored with the same makeup, same looks and same products every day. Trying different brands allows me to be creative and to transform into anyne or anything I want to be.

9) Which part of your makeup routine is the most creative?
Probably my eye makeup routine because I’m always trying different eyeshadow and eyeliners in a range of colours. I lik to play up my eyes seeing as they are my favourite feature.

10) Nail art yay or nay?
Definitely yay I do love trying different nail art combinations, unfortunately my nails are quite short because I’m always biting them, so I definitely need to grow them.

11) Do you have a signature scent and if so what is it?
At the moment I don’t but I do love, DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple, so that would probably be mine I love fruity and sweet perfumes that make me feel feminine.

12) Which beauty tool do you not understand?
For me this has to be cuticle nippers. I get what they’re for but when I look at those sharp plier things I have no idea how they work, I may just have to watch a tutorial on them!

13) What is the worst product that you have ever tried?
Either Technic makeup (except the higlighter) because the lip balms stink, the lip glosses are sticky and the mascaras are already dried up. Or these cheap fake tan wipes I once used (and I did use all twenty five on my arms) which turned me day-glo orange.

14) Which three makeup items could you not live without?
Some form of mascara, foundation and then either a moisturising lipstick or a pigmented lip balm, if I have those three at least I can look semi decent.

15) Name three products that you think are overrated? (Be specific)
The Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation is the first simply because it was really cakey, patchy and just not nice to work with. I think my second choice would be Salt Sprays namely the L’oreal Sea Salt Spray which killed my hair and left it extremely dry and matted and finally the Clinique chubby sticks which for me just smelled like play-doh, added no tint and felt greasy.

So those are my answers to my Makeup Profiling Tag, I tag everyone and anyone who fancies doing this tag and spreading the word. If you enjoyed this tag please hit the like button and let me know in the comments one of your answers to one of these questions. Also if you do end up using this tag please tweet me @ninarossjournal so can read your answers.

Thanks for reading!
Love x


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5 Responses to Makeup Profiling Tag

  1. Nice tag 🙂 Hadnt seen this one before!

  2. Amber T. says:

    Great tag! As for products I think are overrated, I think that the Nars foundations are, as well as Origins skin care. I’m just not impressed!

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