Elizabeth French Makeup Academy Liquid Eyeliner in Black Review

With all of the new gel and cake eyeliners it’s easy to forget about some of the “old but gold” offerings and I’ve always been a huge fan of liquid eyeliners. I got the Elizabeth French Makeup Academy Liquid Eyeliner in Black free within an online order a while ago and although I wasn’t expecting much but it isn’t a bad product, here’s my thoughts on it.

I’m not sure how much this retailed for because I did get it as part of a huge online bundle, however with the brand not being massively known and the fact that Elizabeth French is usually associated with cheaper brands such as Vivo Cosmetics I can’t imagine this being very expensive. I do find the tube of it a bit boring, it’s just white with plain black writing and it does attract a lot of dirt, I think that the company could have definitely improved on the cheap packaging but it isn’t a complete deal breaker.

In terms of formula this is very black and it applies quite easily. I do find that the thin tipped brush has started to fray a little which does reinforce how cheap quality it is, but it does do the job. This lasts pretty well although it does fade to more of a dark grey throughout the day.
This is relatively easy to apply and it definitely lasts longer than a kohl or a gel eyeliner does on me so that is a bonus. This is a cheap offering but it does do that job. I wouldn’t say that this is particularly special so I don’t think I’d bother repurchasing it. As it stands I think that this has been discontinued because it doesn’t seem readily available in stores.

Overall this eyeliner is okay but I wouldn’t rush to repurchase it and I wouldn’t recommend it just because it isn’t massively available and it isn’t the be all and end all of eyeliners.

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