MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters Review (Gold and Pink)

I’m a huge fan of MUA as a brand and I have a bit of an obsession with pretty, shimmering highlighters so when MUA released their Undress Your Skin Highlighters in Pink and Iridescent Gold I promptly picked both of them up. I’ve absolutely fallen head of heels in love with these, so here’s my review.

To start with let’s talk pricing and packaging. The price for these hihglighters is three pounds a pop which I think is absolutely amazing, especially considering that these are great quality. The packaging has a clear flip up lid revealing the 3d dimensions of the highlighters. Some people have compared these to the MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes but seeing as I haven’t tried them I can’t say that these are a dupe. I do love the design of the highlighter and both the pink and the gold colours are absolutely stunning.

In terms of colour payoff both of these are gorgeous. The pink one has a beautiful almost slightly dusky oyster pink tone witha shimmery finish and the golden colour again is a soft gold with a shimmery finish. I find that you don’t need to apply a lot of product to get a really natural glow to the cheekbones and despite these being shimmery they are not in anyway glittery, metallic or even “disco ball” like.
(L-R Iridescent Gold, Pink Shimmer. Please note that these are subtle so to get these shots I’ve had to pack on the product usually these are much more subtle.)

These are powder products so for me there is always that worry that they will look cakey or will disturb the texture of my foundation but I apply these with my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush and they sit beautifully on top of my foundation. As mentioned above these are natural looking but when the light hits your cheeks they will add a bit of dimension to your face.

Longevity is also great for these products they sit nicely on my skin and last throughout the day, for me it’s the lack of glimmer and how they look on my cheekbones that really sells them to me. I do have pale skin with yellow undertones so I wasn’t sure if these would look good on me but I find that both of these are extreely flattering and just add a beautiful finish touch to my face.

Overall I absolutely adore these highlighters, I can’t quite decide which one is my favourite but I’m very impressed and would definitely recommend them. If you have yet to try them then definitely part with the three pounds because these are extremely bargainous and I’m not at all surprised that these kept selling out when they were first released.

You can pick up the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters here from Superdrug or here from the MUA store if you live elsewhere.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments if you have or will be trying these highlighters and what your thoughts are on them.

Thanks for reading.
Love x

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4 Responses to MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters Review (Gold and Pink)

  1. I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. -Nicole.

  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Very nice review! Those highlighters look gorgeous! I haven’t tried any MUA products though I do have access to some at my local CVS which is a drugstore here in the US. I wonder if they these highlighters there too. I will have to check and see. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xo

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