Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner Review

When the hype began about gel eyeliners I wasn’t massively convinced by nevertheless I headed over to Superdrug and picked up the Collection Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Black to try. I’ve had this for a while now and have formulated a full opinion, as usual here’s my review.
collection gel eyeliner
The Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner comes in a little box which contains the pot of gel eyeliner and a brush. I do find the packaging a little on the dull side although I like how it comes in a box. This is priced at £4.99.

In terms of colour on my hand this does have a bold colour payoff however on my eyes this struggles to be as black as it should be. On top of that this fades and smudges easily and doesn’t stay put which disappointed me as I heard that gel eyeliners were supposed to last the longest.
on me
Application is relatively easy and a lot easier than I thought. The brush is small enough that you can get just the right amount of gel eyeliner on it to apply and it is pointed and thin enough to get a decent line.

Unfortunately the formula of this is pretty poor, it does dry up pretty quickly and even at it’s best this isn’t great. At first I did like it but this never lasts the day and usually ends up a smudgy mess by five pm.
on me 1
Overall I’m pretty disappointed and I wouldn’t recommend this or repurchase it. For only a few pounds more you can get the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner which has been hailed as a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner so in terms of price point and quality I just don’t think that the Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner is worth it.

The Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner is available here for £4.99.

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