The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation Review

When my friend Chrissie gave me her bottle of The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation as she never used it I was pretty excited. I love the Body Shop as a brand and I’d been wanting to try some of their makeup for a while so I was pretty certain that I was going to love the foundation, unfortunately though it proved to be quite a disappointment, here’s why.
the body shop foundation
I can’t really comment on the price of the product because this was given to me and when I looked online to see how much it was, there was no indication of price. I’m a bit indifferent with the packaging, I like how you can see how much product you have and bonus points for the pump but apart from that the plastic packaging looks pretty cheap and quite frankly boring.

In terms of the colour range The Body Shop boasts ten different shades which isn’t bad for a product. I have the shade 01 which is the lightest shade that the Body Shop offers however this is seriously orange and way too dark for my skin which I was really disappointed with.

Another one of my bug bears with this foundation is that it oxidises which turns it even more orange which isn’t good. I’ve kept the lid on this foundation but even so when I pump it out it’s orange, on my skin it is orange and even when I blend it in and then combine concealer and power with it it is still too dark which is really frustrating. It doesn’t blend to well either, when I wear this I have to blend it down onto my neck and décolletage and even then you can tell the difference in skin colour.

on me

The scent is quite odd, I’m never noticed any problems with foundation scents before but this really smells strongly of something I can’t quite place (I want to say similar to licorice), the longevity is also very poor, despite looking nice inititally it does wear away throughout the day and by mid afternoon to evening it looks like I’m not wearing any foundation at all which isn’t convenient.

The coverage is good and the finish is really nice a really natural looking velvet matte finish but unfortunately the colour and oxidisation just makes me really dislike this product. This could have had potential but I definitely feel like this formula needs a lot of work if the Body Shop want this to be a great product.

I wouldn’t repurchase this and unless you have medium to dark skin I wouldn’t recommend this either, sadly this foundation just doesn’t do it for me.

To find out if you nearest store stocks The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation click here.

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One Response to The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation Review

  1. Arielle says:

    Never heard of this foundation before! I really like your review, I will check out this product next time I go to The Body Shop

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