Best Brows – Celebrity Edition

If there’s one thing that can make or break your look it has to be eyebrows. A while a go I did a post on the worst of celebrity eyebrows, and now having seen some truly beautiful brows I thought that I’d do a postt on my favourite celebrity brows. Whether you like yours au naturale, big and bushy or long and lean you’re bound to find a style icon here somewhere.

Best of celebrity brows

1) Camilla Belle
For me the main thing that stands out to me about Camilla’s eyebrows is not just the fact that they are perfectly shaped but also the bold colour. With her dark colouring, dark eyes and dark hair, these thick, bold brows look absolutely smouldering.

2) Cara Delevigne
No blog post about celebrity eyebrows would be complete without a nod to the queen of brows Cara Delevigne herself. I love how Cara’s brows are bold and bushy making a statement. No matter how you like to shape your own eyebrows you can’t deny that Cara has nailed it.

3) Emma Watson
I just love Emma’s brows particularly in this photo. Sleek,stylish and shaped, the thickness, colour and shape of the brows just suit Emma down to a t. We won’t be needing any polyjuice potion for these eyebrows thank you very much.

4) Keira Knightley
To me, Keira has one of the most beautiful faces in the world with her huge eyes, sculpted cheekbones and lovely lips but for me I love how natural looking she keeps her brows. Although she has tamed them I like how you can see the individual hairs and how they don’t look completely drawn on.

5) Kristen Stewart
She may not always nail a nice smile in photos but she always nails her brows. Kristen is actully naturally fair haired and she’s always switching up her hair colour however her brows never look out of place because she always manages to find the perfect shade to compliment her hair with.

6) Megan Fox
Even if Megan’s looks have gone downhill after what looks like plastic surgery I still adore her brows. Arched to perfection I love the shape and colour and how they look extremely sophisticated and feminine.

7) Miley Cyrus
Whether you love her or you hate her there is no denying that Miley’s brows look amazing in this photo. I like how they’re thicker but still filled in and they make her face look a lot less round and a lot more shapely.

8) Natalie Portman
For me what really stands out about Natalie Portman’s brows is the length. Rather than having them arched and finishing quite early she’s lengthened them which makes her face look even more lovely. In this photo Natalie proves that it’s not all about the thickness and that sometimes length does matter.

9)Penelope Cruz
With her exotic colouring it would be easy for Penelope to let her brows get out of control, yet she has kept them perfectly tamed, perfectly shaped and perfectly coloured in. In this photo I think that Penelope looks absolutely stunning and her brows are just the icing on the well groomed cake.

10) Rita Ora
After me banging on about natural brows and not filling them in too much you may be surprised to see Rita Ora on this list but Rita has broken the rules and made it work for her. Yes there is contrast between her dark brows and light hair but it actually works for her and she looks ad-ora-ble.

So that is it for this post, I hope that you enjoyed it and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments which celebrity’s eyebrows is your favourite and why.

Thanks for reading.
Love x

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