New CID Cosmetics I-Crayon Lip and Cheek Tint in Strawberry Souffle Review

When I received this free with a Cosmopolitan magazine I was excited but sceptical. I’ve always loved the idea of cheek and lip tints and I knew that this would be a great lip tint but I was concerned about it being overly greasy, not very pigmented and that it would break me out if I used it on my cheeks, however I was pleasantly surprised, here’s why.
cid lip and cheek tint
I do like the chunky crayon style of the packaging I also like how this twists up rather than needing sharpening which prevents product wastage. This did have the brand name and product name written in silver writing on the side of the packaging but sadly that scratched off. I did get this free in a magazine but it is usually priced at £14.00.

In terms of the colour this is a really bold pink toned red which I really like. This blends in really nicely so you can have it as subtle or as bold as you like. This also smells really lovely but it is worth noting that it is a synthetic strawberry scent.

The texture is quite creamy almost greasy but it works for the product this is hydrating on the lips and it hasn’t broken me out at all when I’ve used it on my cheeks which I was pleasantly surprised with. This is also lightweight on the lips on cheeks which was also surprising as I expected this to be quite heavy.

on me

On the lips this has the finish of a bold coloured lip balm and on the cheeks this blends in to create a natural looking flush. Overall I actually really like this product and was really surprised by it.

The New CID Cosmetics I-Crayon Lip and Cheek Tint in Strawberry Souffle is available for £14.00 by clicking here. This also comes in five other shades including: Apricot sundae, Brown Sugar, Pink Fancy, Plum Cordial and Rose Tint.

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