Beauty UK Eyes Quad Eyeshadow

If you’ve read through old posts or followed my blog for a long time then you will probably know that I tend to favour drugstore products over high end products, but despite this, a recent purchase from Beauty UK actually really disappointed me.

I’ve found that in comparison to high quality drugstore brands such as MUA and Makeup Revolution that have taken the country by storm there is a lot more pressure on drugstore brands to produce high quality products for less. Here’s my thoughts on the Beauty UK Eyes and why I was disappointed with it.
beauty uk eyes
To me the packaging isn’t anything special, it comes in a round tub which is quite hard to fit into my makeup storage that has a screw on plastic lid. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging at all and think that it looks very cheap and quite boring. They have made an effort to quarter the eyeshadows but there’s no dividers or anything like that. I’m not sure how much this retailed for as I received it in a bundle online however I believe that this has been discontinued now.

For me the colours are average they are all matte but not particularly stunning shades or anything like that. I also find that for low quality eyeshadows shimmery eyeshadows tend to be quite glittery and matte eyeshadows tend to be very chalky. I’m actully confused by this palette because the eyeshadows don’t massively compliment each other. I did try to create a look with the light blue, dark teale and the white but I wasn’t a fan of it at all and the white looked very bright and not in a good way.
To get these swatches I had to swatch them over the top of my W7 Prime Magic otherwise they wouldn’t have showed up on my arms. The shadows themselves are very very chalky which I didn’t like at all. The pale blue and the purple need building up to get a solid colour and even then the colour struggles to adhere to the eyelid even with an eye primer and looks very dusty and chalky which I don’t like.

Longevity for this product isn’t particularly amazing either these do fade very quickly leaving a slight wash of random colour which just isn’t convenient for me. I want to be able to put on my makeup in a morning and not have to keep touching it up throughout the day so I just wasn’t a fan of this.

Overall this may seem like a negative review but I am pretty disappointed with this eyeshadow quad. I’m all for drugstore brands but quite frankly the quality of this product was so poor that it just seemed like I was wasting my money.

The Beauty UK Eyes Quads are available for purchase on Ebay for £2.78 by clicking here.


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