Eyebrow Tips and Tricks – How to fill in the brows

As the final part in my series “Eyebrows Tips and Tricks” I’m going to finish off by teaching you how to fill in your brows. I hope that you find this useful or at the very least enjoy reading this post.

Step One – Select Your Tool
I’m using the Sleek Brow Kit but you can use anything you want from a pencil to a powder. Powders are great if you want heavier and bolder looking brows whereas pencil is great for thinner brows that are more defined, but you can use whatever you want. Select the colour that is closest to your natural hair colour, don’t go for a dark shade if you are blonde because your brows will look fake. Also never go for black brow products (unless you want your brows to look fake) if you have black or deep brown hair go for a deep brown. Trust me there is a difference between black fake brows and brown natural brows.

brows before
(My brows before filling them in)

Step Two – Work out how you want your brows to look
I’m assuming that you have already plucked or shaped your brows so now is the time to decide how you want them to look. Do you want thinner, more delicate brows or do you want thicker more dramatic brows. It’s up to you but make sure you decide before you start filling them in.

Step Three – Outline the brows gently
To start with take your product and gently outline your brows in the shape that you want them to be, this works as a guide so your brows will be as even as possible. Be sure to be light handed, you can add more product later to darken the brows but if your too heavy handed your brows will look fake and you will need to start again.

outline brows
(Outlining works as a great guide to filling in the brows)

Step Four – Fill in the gaps
If like me you have sparse brows take your product and working from the inner corner of your brow (the side closest to your eyes) begin lightly brushing the product through the brows filling in the gaps and making them look even. You can use a spooly or a brush to help to distribute the product through your brows more evenly but you don’t have to do this.

Step Five – Add the shape
You want the majority of the product to be on the start and arch of your brows, if you put too much product on the ends of your brows this will look fake. As stated above use a light hand because you can always go over it if needed. Use the guide you drew earlier to help you to achieve the shape that you want.

fill in
(My brows after filling them in)

Step Six (Optional) – Tame unruly hairs with a clear mascara
If you have very coarse eyebrow hair or you’ve filled them in but they are slightly unrulier than you’d like go of your brows with a clear mascara such as the Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara.I find that this helps to set your brows and prevent the product from running whilst also keeping the hair in place.

That is it for this tutorial, I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments what you like to use for your brows.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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