Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm Review

With all the innovation poured into funky packaging, fruity flavours and better pigmentation I find that sometimes it’s difficult to find a bog standard lip balm that does what I want it to do which is to hydrate my lips and to prevent chapping. So when I was shopping and came across the Nivea Hydro Lip Balm reduced to a pound I picked it up and then promptly forgot about it until the cold started and I needed some moisture. I’ve tried it, fallen in love with it and now I’ve finally got writing a review here it is.

hydro care

In terms of packaging this is pretty standard in a pale blue tube with the Nivea logo, but I like that they’ve kept it simple. This product is a twist up lip balm that contains pure water and aloe vera to keep your lips soft and smooth. This is available for under two pounds which I think is a bargain.

on me

In terms of colour this is a clear lip balm, I love the texture it’s neither greasy, sticky or waxy like Vaseline or Chapstick but glides onto the lips, feels lovely and keeps them moisturised.

In terms of product claims, Nivea claims that this lip balm:
+Helps to provide intensive and long lasting moisturisation.
+ Is quickly absorbed thanks to it’s light formula.
+ Non- greasy for smooth lips.
+ Skin compatability and dermatologically approved.

I don’t usually agree with product claims but I can honestly say that this lip balm ticks every single box and does live up to all of it’s claims. This is both moisturising and light on the lips and I honestly think that everyone should have a tube of this in their stash for the colder months.

This lip balm is available from Boots for £1.58 here.

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