Battle of the brands L’oreal VS Revlon

When I’m in my local Boots or Superdrug I find that there’s two brands in particular, both on the higher end of drugstore which always produce products that I like. The brands in question are of course L’oreal and Revlon. Since I’m always flicking between the two I thought it would be fun to put them both to the test against each other.


In all honesty I’ve not tried any mascaras by Revlon although I do have the Revlon Lash Potion waiting to be used, but I absolutely adore L’oreal mascaras and their Telescopic mascara is one of my all time favourite mascaras. This can’t really be a full comparison seeing as I haven’t tried much by Revlon in terms of mascaras but simply because the Telescopic mascara blew me away I can say that L’oreal are favoured by me in the mascara department.
Winner: L’oreal

I have tried the Revlon Colourstay Foundation and the L’oreal True Match Foundation so now I can really compare the two brands. I did like the Revlon Colourstay as it lasted all day long but it was heavy on the skin and the shade range wasn’t as wide as I would have liked it to be. The L’oreal True Match Foundation has a lighter coverage but evened out my skin tone and colour and just made me look a lot nicer. If I could only ever use one of the two I’d go for the True Match.
Winner: L’oreal

Lip Products
When it comes to lip products I’ve tried a few from each brand. I did try the L’oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks and although the colour range is great I do find that they can be quite drying on my lips even the ones that are not matte which is a shame. I also tried the Glam Shine Caresse Stain Splash but found that it faded patchily so I didn’t get much use out of that. I do have a Revlon lip gloss which I don’t particularly love or hate. The Lip Butters are stunning I have the shade Wild Watermelon which I’ve nearly used up, and the Colourburst Matte Balms are some of my all time favourite lip products.
Winner: Revlon

Nail Polishes
I’ve not tried a massive amount from either brand but none of theL’oreal polishes stood out to me massively. I do really want to try the Revlon Parfumerie range as they look absolutely stunning and I’m already a fan of their Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamels which last for ages without chipping on my nails.
Winner: Revlon

In terms of a brand as a whole L’oreal do have a lot more products including their haircare and skincare, but I’m not a huge fan of either products. Revlon of course own Charlie and make the perfumes and body sprays which I adore so it looks like Revlon has just pipped L’oreal to the post.
Winner: Revlon

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you prefer L’oreal or Revlon and why.
Thanks for reading.
Love x


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