The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist Review

This post will probably be a little shorter than usual but in all honesty I really struggle to write reviews on scents and I know that quite a few people seem to also struggle with them. Today however, I have a body mist to share with you. I’ve been using this for a a while now and despite not liking it initially, it has won me over.

body shop

In terms of packaging this is quite a simplistic design in a clear glass bottle with the logo and product information on a sticker on the front. In all honesty the glass does make it look more expensive but I would prefer a plastic bottle just in case this breaks in my handbag.

In terms of smell this does smell like coconut but I do think that it’s almost a little too sweet. When I first tried this mist I wasn’t a huge fan as I thought that it was almost sickly, but after using it for a while I have grown fond of it, and unlike most body mists this does cling to your clothes and last all day which I really like.

Overall I do like this product and I’d be open to trying more scents from the range, I just hope that The Body Shop will make these a little more travel friendly!

You can purchase this product for £7.50 for 100ml by clicking here.

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