Vivo Captive Eyes Review

You know when you like a product and then it gets discontinued and you feel really crap about it? I felt like that when I found out that the Vivo Captive Eyes had been discontinued and that one of my favourite eyeshadow bases had now blinked out of existance. Here’s the reasons why I like it so much.


I can’t give you an RPP simply because this has been discontinued but Vivo Cosmetic were stocked in Tescos for only a few pounds and they were surprisingly good quality as well as been affordable.

The packaging is small and minimalistic which I like because these days some brands tend to get quite gimicky with flamboyant packaging that simply isn’t needed.


Although this eyeshadow that I’m going to show you can be a little chalky it adheres to my lids well and covers up any blue veins I may have on my eyelids, better yet it’s a realy nice colour for my skintone and is a “your eyes but better” sort of shade.

I initially used this instead of a primer but it also looks nice on the eyes on it’s own and prevents my eyeshadows from creasing. Sadly now that it no longer exists I need to find a good substitute, any suggestions?

I know that this was a short post, but I wanted to give this product a mention simply because I’m sad that I can’t buy it anymore. If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for good eye bases for me!

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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