The worst brand I have ever tried…Scam Alert!

Scams. We’ve all heard of them, dodgy people on the internet suckering the lonely elderly into handing over wads of cash and when we read these stories some of us may feel pity for the naïve others may feel scorn but the one thing that runs through our mind is “It won’t happen to me.” Today’s post is a reflection of what happens when you trust a salesperson and get essentially tricked into handing over cash for products that shouldn’t even be sold as fake makeup. I’m slightly ashamed to write this post and more than humiliated but apparently the staff from Love Me Makeover Essentials work in several countries flogging less than satisfactory products to unsuspecting buyers and me being me I happened to be one of those buyers. I’m going to show you the products I received to try and prevent as many of you as possible from parting with your cash for what is a bag of s**t to put it bluntly, I hope that you enjoy this post.

So I purchased these products after being stopped by a sales person in Leeds. Usually I ignore salespeople but the makeup items peaked my interest and when they swatched the products on my hands the brushes were really soft and the products were pigmented. I was offered a bag of goodies for thirty pounds which would usually be sixty pounds. Unfortunately I’m sorry to say I did fall for the sales pitch hook, line and sinker and purchased the products here’s what I got.

Love Me Makeover Essentials Brush Compact RRP $32.99/£19.87
brush compact
With this brush kit you receive eight poorly made and overly small brushes in a tacky plastic package. The eye brushes consist of an angled eyeliner brush which feels cheap, plasticy and stiff, a brow brush and lash comb which has already started splaying despite never being used, a smudger which is one of those cheap smudging things you get on the end of eyeliners, an eyeshadow brush which feels stiff and plasticy and an applicator which is a basic doe foot applicator. The face brushes consist of a powder brush which is coarse, scratchy and can be used once before it splays completely, a contour brush which is so dense, plasticy and stiff that it barely moves at all and a lip brush which is basically like a gel eyeliner brush only even worse. These brushes are absolutely awful I actually prefer my Seventeen Blusher brush which is softer and they feel like using steel wool on your face. For the price as well it is simply beyond a joke, here’s some images after one use.

powder brush
contour brush

Love Me Makeover Essentials Shimmer Powder Brush RRP $19.99/£12.04
Product Description:
Get luminous with luxurious shimmer powder and a silky-soft brush in one! This innovative brush dispenser is convenient and portable for quick touch ups on the go. Unique systems combines light-tinting and shimmering agents to enhance the skin’s natural color. Sweep on a shimmering or even sun kissed glow from head to toe at the shake of a hand. Compliments any skin tone. 2 shades available bronze and gold.

If there is one thing that this is not it is a highlighter. Two to three sweeps on my hand and I could see no pigment on the fourth sweep my hand literally looked like a mirrorball. This is not shimmer it’s glitter and even after wiping the product off of my hand with a makeup wipe tons of glitter still remains I’m just grateful I didn’t use this on my face here’s a swatch.

highlighter swatch 2
As you can see I’m really not exaggerating my hand looks like it belongs in the sixties at some disco. To say I’m not impressed is putting it mildly. Even worse is that the salesperson compared this to Chanel which is frankly insulting to her and her brand as a whole. Oh and of course this retails at an eyewatering twelve pounds for basic glitter.

Love Me Makeover Essentials Terra Glow Bronzing Powder RRP $31.54/£19.00
terra glow bronzer
Poor Guerlain to create such a beautiful bronzer then have some fake and cheap brand steal the name for one of their products is simply offensive to Guerlain as a brand. This bronzer is an awful orange tone and you barely get any pigment I had to really swatch it multiple times on my hand just so you could see it on camera. The powder is in no way soft and looks cheap and tacky on the skin.
bronzer swatchAs you can see this is just an orange powder, nasty, tacky and something that I would not dare put near my face is all I can say to sum this up, again not impressed unsurprisingly.

Love Me Makeover Essentials Harmony Eyeshadow Palette RRP Unknown is not on the website or the internet.
harmony eyes eyeshadow palette
This is probably the least offensive of the items, anyone with a good eye can see that this is a poorly executed knock off for poor Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita palette. Again this isn’t great, pigment is poor, the brush is simply a doe foot applicator and colours are not particularly appealing and the brick red with glitter in it just looks tacky. This is probably the best item of the bunch and even then I could get better quality from MUA for a fraction of the price that this was.
eyeshadow palette swatches
This is all four eyeshadows swatched. What’s that I hear? You can’t see two of the shadows? I know that’s the problem, the two paler eyeshadows offer next to no pigment and even with the darker shades two to three swatches/coats is needed to build up a colour which frankly isn’t even that nice. The random chunks of glitter in the eyeshadow reminds me of the fake kids makeup I owned when I was about five.

Love Me Makeover Essentials Makeup Portfolio RRP $49.99/£30.11
makeup portfolio
With the expert makeup portfolio you are presented with another two tacky palettes, a mascara that is so stringy and smells so strongly that I actually fear for anyone who has used this on their eyes because nowhere does it say that is has been tested and a double ended eyeliner which is hard and does not show up on the waterline. After doing further research I discovered some bloggers complaining of eye infections after using these products on their eyes…nice.
I haven’t bothered swatching the palettes because I think that you get the jist by now, the lip products look gloopy and tacky like them toy lip gloss palettes you get as a child. The eyeshadows again are pathetic and as for the yellow, custard looking powder I have no idea if that is supposed to be an eyeshadow or a highlighter but I can assure you that I avoided that as well. If you were unlucky enough to purchase this off of the website as you can see from above you would have payed an eyewatering amount for products that again are horrible, but on the bright side you get two minute, tacky powder puffs with them so that must be worth it right?

Not including the Harmony Eyeshadow palette seeing as that is non-existant on the internet had you have bought this all individually from the website you would have paid either $134.11 or £80.78 for what are the worst products I have ever tried in my life. Most likely if the staff see this review they will campaign for it to be removed but I want to share with you my honest opinions on this range which is that it is an absolute rip off. If you do see any sales people selling these products then steer clear, I would also appreciate it if as many of you as possible can reblog this or share this post not to increase my blogs outreach but to warn as many people as possible about this “scam.”

Sorry for the negative post as mentioned earlier I’m beyond humilated to have been suckered into the deal and to even have to write this but unfortunately that’s how some things are I just hope that you guys will learn from my mistake and avoid anything to do with this brand in the future.
Thanks for reading.
Love x

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6 Responses to The worst brand I have ever tried…Scam Alert!

  1. We all get sucked in at times. It’s happened to me in the past but count it as a lesson learned 🙂 x

  2. Jenni says:

    Whoah. That is a lot of money for a load of crap. I hope they get their asses handed to them sooner rather than later for tricking people into such nonsense. And no worries, they can’t affect your post in any way, you paid for the shit, you’re allowed to tell people it’s shit 😉 Just your honest opinion, right?

  3. lillynlilly says:

    So sorry to hear that this happened to you! But at some point all of us get sucked in by sales pitches! I hope your able to track down the people who sold it to you and get your money back.

  4. Alicia says:

    Oh no, that’s pants! I can’t believe how much they’re charging for these products. Oh well, at least this post will help others that might have got sucked in to sales pitch. 🙂

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