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We’ve all made a brow blunder at some point whether it is shading them in too dark, overplucking or forgetting to tidy them up, but apparently it’s not just us regular people that do this. Today I bring you my six biggest brow blunders all made by celebrities, from drawn on eyebrows to way overplucked here’s what not to do.
* Please bear in mind that these are old photos of celebrities, thankfully each celebrity sorted out their brows!*

angelina jolie
Angelina Jolie proves that even the prettiest of ladies can’t always pull of certain brow shapes. These thin arched brows do nothing for Angelina and make her forehead look huge. Despite being a thin brow fan I have to say that Angelina looks much better with her fuller brows now. This photo proves the importance of matching your brows to your face shape.

Beyonce is a beautiful woman but these brows do absolutely nothing except for making her look permanently surprised. Thank god she had the sense to tidy them up and fill them in, because brows really can be the ultimate finisher and accessory to your face.

britney spears
Oh Britney, there’s so many things wrong with these brows I don’t even know where to start. Step one is definitely to invest in some tweezers, because even Cara Delvingne couldn’t pull these off. Next step learn to shape them, these are too straight and don’t accentuate your eyes. Finally it’s okay to have sparse brows, I have them too but that my friend is why eye brow pencils were invented, filling in the brows really does make a difference.

colleen rooney
Getting makeup tattooed on is never a great idea and these brows look absolutely terrible even on Colleen. They’re way too dark for her face and quite frankly just look fake! Someone should have just invested in a decent brow kit and some tweezers.

jessica alba
Thankfully Jessica Alba soon realised that filling in, shaping and tweezing the brows can really make the difference. Although her brows before were indefinitely a blunder, kudos to her for figuring out how to improve them after all we all start somewhere.

meagan good
Oh dear Meagan, you may be beautiful but shiny eyebrows are definitely not good! In an interview Meagan spoke about her eyebrow woes, and now I’m going to offer a tip. Shaving off eyebrows and drawing them on is not the answer! Tweezers and eyebrow pencil are much better and that way you won’t end up stuck with eyebrows like these.

So that is is for my biggest brow blunders (celebrity edition), I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like buttton. Let me know in the comments which brows you think are the worst and what you would do to change them and make them better!

Thanks for reading.
Love x