Argan Oil Hair Range Review

Considering the amount of times I dye my hair different colours, it really isn’t surprising that it does get dry and frizzy and is often in need of some TLC. So when I stumbled across the Argan Oil Range in Poundland, I figured that it would be a good product to try. The Argan Oil Range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and a Hair Mask which I’ve tried and then some face wipes which in all honesty were less than satisfactory. Today I’m going to be talking about the three hair products, the effects that they had on my hair and if they are worth purchasing or not.

Argan Oil Shampoo
argan oil shampoo

The Argan Oil Shampoo contains Moroccan Argan Oil Extract, and claims to nourish and moisturise, leaving the hair shiny, smooth and healthy. The product claims to be suitable for all hair types and claims to be specially developed to help to condition and revive hair for soft, shiny results. When my hair is in good condition it does tend to be quite shiny, so I was mainly looking to see if this reinjected some moisture into my hair without leaving it looking greasy and to see if it did indeed soften the hair. Although my hair is on the thin side it is naturally wavy to curly when I let it dry naturally so I wanted to see if it helped to soften the curls. The price is very reasonably at only a pound for a 250ml bottle which I was pretty impressed with.

The product is easy to apply and is used in the exact same way as any standard shampoo, the texture is the same as a standard shampoo and is not sticky or greasy. The scent is also very appealing to me it smells kind of like apples which I really like and always leaves my hair feeling clean.
Although this shampoo isn’t as moisturising as some shampoos such as the Aussie range I do feel like it softened my hair and injected some moisture into it. I use this constantly and feel that rather than reviving damaged hair it works almost as a preventative which I quite like, best of all whenever I use this shampoo it doesn’t make my hair greasy like a lot of moisturising shampoos and better yet despite my hair being coloured it doesn’t seem to pull the colour out of my hair which I definitely like.

I think I would repurchase this shampoo as it is cost friendly and fairly effective, although it isn’t the best shampoo I have ever tried, I do like it as an everyday shampoo to help keep my hair in good condition, I would recommend it to other people who are looking for a shampoo that is more moisturising than the average shampoo without being overly moisturising, and for people that want a good shampoo at a cost friendly price.

Argan Oil Conditioner
argan oil conditioner

Again the Argan Oil Conditioner contains Moroccan Argan Oil Extract and is priced at only a pound. This product claims to rejuvenate and to rehydrate leaving the hair shiny, smooth and healthy. The product also claims to be suitable for all hair types and claims to be specially formulated to provide intense conditioning to rejuvenate and rehydrate, and claims that the special conditioning agents in the formula will help to moisturise and impart softness for healthy, manageable results.

The scent is the same as the shampoo, very pleasant and similar to apples which I like, the product instructs to apply to damp hair and to leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out. I usually plonk it on my hair and then shave and wash myself in the shower before rinsing out this conditioner and it seems to do the trick. What I like about this conditioner is that when you rinse it out of your hair, your hair already feels much silkier and softer in the shower so I always feel like this conditioner is working wonders to my hair.

The conditioner definitely softens and hydrates my hair without leaving it greasy which I love and like the shampoo it doesn’t pull the colour out of my hair which is a big deal for me. I would definitely repurchase this conditioner as it is super affordable and really helps to keep my hair looking and feeling soft, shiny and healthy.

Argan Oil Hair Mask
argan oil hair mask

The Argan Oil Hair Mask again is enriched in Morrocan Argan Oil Extract and is priced at a mere pound. The product claims to be enriched with proteins and Ketatin and claims that its moisturising properties help to revive and nourish dry and damaged hair. The product also claims to be an intensive treatment that helps to rebuild strength and to restore elasticity. This product also claims to be suitable for all hair types.

The hair mask has the same yummy scent as the shampoo and conditioner but has a thicker and creamier texture which is similar to a body butter in consistency. The product instructs for you to shampoo you hair and to towel dry it, before applying this hair mask from root to tip. It then tells you to leave on for 7-10 minutes before rinsing out and for maximum conditioning to follow with the Argan Oil Conditioner. I find these steps quite easy, I usually put this on my head, tidy my room and then rinse it out.

This product makes my hair shiny but without making my hair greasy. It doesn’t pull out the colour in my hair and is definitely more intense than an average conditioner which is exactly what I want in a hair mask.

I would repurchase this as it is only a pound for a 220ml tub and it definitely seems to work on my hair. For those wanting to try a hair mask that works and doesn’t cost the earth I would definitely recommend this one.

Overall I’m impressed with the Argan Oil range, I wasn’t expecting much with it being so cost friendly but I really do like the products, they aren’t the best hair products in the world but they are still great quality for such a low price. I would definitely recommend these to people who are looking to give their hair some TLC and don’t want to spend a lot of money, and I think I will end up repurchasing these as every day hair products.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please hit the like button and let me know if you have tried this range and if so what you thought of it!

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