Get ready with me: How I shape my eyebrows

Hey everyone, so today I’m doing a post on something that I don’t often post about simply because in my opinion there’s not that much to say about eyebrows, but I wanted to share with you my method of shaping my eyebrows. I’m you’re one of those people who prefers to shave your eyebrows off and draw them on that’s fine but it’s not really my thing so this post probably won’t relate to you, but feel free to read just for the sake of it if you like, I hope you all find this post informative and hopefully useful.

In all honesty I never really bothered with my brows, I did have quite bushy eyebrows that had a lot of gaps in them but I never tried to shape them because quite frankly I didn’t think I needed to, I did pluck them occasionally but at one point I had a bridge piercing which meant it could get quite difficult, it wasn’t until my friend Rachel did my eyebrows properly for the first time that I loved them so much I realised that I had to start doing them properly, but before I had that little revelation, this is what my brows looked like.
As you can see in the ‘before photo’ there is a lot of gaps in my eyebrows, they don’t have much shape at all and generally don’t look very nice, they do also make my eyes look smaller because they’re so thick and so I decided to pluck, shape and fill them in to define them, and this is how they look like now.
brows after
Personally I definitely think that they look better now, as you can see I’ve arched them more and made them a little thinner before filling them in to define them I have received a lot of compliments on my eyebrows which surprised me as before I never really thought much about them they were just there. But this is how I did it.

Hair Removal
Of course there are many different ways to remove your excess eyebrow hair, some people prefer threading where they use thread to twist around the eyebrow hairs and pull them out, some may go for waxing or electrolysis and some may go for hair removal cream or shaving which I wouldn’t recommend because if you slip, you’re going to end up looking ridiculous. (Have you not seen Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging people?!) I personally prefer usually tweezers to pluck my eyebrows as it’s a lot more precise, I would recommend some slanted tweezers as the ends of them are slanted rather than straight and grip the eyebrow hairs a lot better, these are the ones I use.
Wilko Tweezers
I know that a lot of people may opt for fancy tweezers such as Tweezerman but if I’m honest (which I am on my blog) I don’t see the point in spending that much on tweezers when I really like these ones. I believe that I got these from Wilkinson (click here to buy) I really like these as they have a zig zag groove on the outside makes gripping the tweezers a lot easier and they are slanted at the end meaning that they are really good at gripping each individual eyebrow hair.

The Best Way To Remove Hair
There are several instances where people have started plucking their eyebrows but what a lot of people don’t realise is that if you do it wrong you can end up with certain problems such as damaged hair follicles, ingrowing hairs and other miserable ailments which are just not that pleasant to deal with and so I’ve comprised a little checklist on the best way to pluck your eyebrows.

1) DON’T (I’ve put this in capital letters because it’s important) put ice on your eyebrows before plucking. A lot of people don’t like the pain of plucking although I don’t think it’s that bad and so they resort to trying to numb the eyebrows before hand but what they don’t always realise is that Ice actually tightens the hair follicle leading to more pain when plucking and in addition to this there can be instances where the hair follicle becomes damaged and inflamed, and let’s face it who wants angry, red lumps on their eyebrows?

2) DO choose a shape that’s right for your face, it can be difficult but on my previous posts I have explained how to groom the brows and how to find the perfect shape for your face (pencil trick anyone?) basically if you have a long face having eyebrows like the letter ‘n’ really isn’t going to look nice, if you are stuck there are tons of guides online, or you can email me, or you can get eyebrow stencils by brands such as ELF that help you choose a shape for your brows.

3) DON’T sit too close to the mirror and don’t get tweezer happy, if you overpluck your eyebrows there are instances where they may never grow back and whilst they may have been fashionable in the sixties having barely any eyebrows isn’t as fashionable now. Make sure you have plenty of natural light and always stop and take a step back and look at your brows from a distance, chances are if you can’t spot that one brow hair that you was obsessing over then no-one else will notice it either.

4) Do pluck your eyebrows starting from the inner part (the bit closest to your nose) and work outwards in the direction of your hair growth. If you are wanting to create an arch like I did then pluck the hairs from underneath the brow rather than the top of the brow.

Filling Gaps and Adding Definition
There are so many different products from powders, to waxes, to pencils that people to use to fill in their brows, Beauty guru Zoella seems to favour brow powder at the moment but for me I really like using eyebrow pencil. There are quite a few cult favourites that a lot of people have been raving about such as the Anastasia Brow Wiz but for me, my staple eyebrow product has to be this.
Rimmel London Brow Pencil
This is the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil and I have the shade Black/Brown because my hair is very dark. I really like this pencil as the formula is creamy and lasts for ages and the little brush on the lid is super cute for grooming through my eyebrows, you can buy this pencil here. To apply it I use light strokes starting on the inside of my brown and then working outwards, I use it to fill in the gaps and then to really define the arch of my brows.

That’s the end of this little tutorial as I don’t do much else with my brows, I make sure to not overpluck them and try to leave three weeks in between each plucking session.

Overall I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful, please hit the like button if you enjoyed it and feel free to follow me if you are not already doing so. Also let me know your staple eyebrow products in the comments, I love hearing from you all and I love trying new things!

Love x

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