March Favourites

Hey everyone so it’s the last day of March which means that it’s time for my monthly favourites, I’ve got a fair few this month and despite trying a lot of different products the ones in this post are the ones that I’ve just been reaching for repeatedly. Some I’ve mentioned them a few times and others you may be surprised by as I’ve barely mentioned them at all but either way I hope you enjoy this post.

hair fave
(Apologies for the dent in the bottle I have been using it a lot)

For hair there is one product that I’ve been using quite a lot and it really has made a difference to my hair and it’s my Macadamia Oil Extract Conditioner. I picked up this conditioner for 99p from Bodycare, I’d tried the hair mask from Home Bargains and loved and and so I purchased this conditioner. My hair has been really dry and damaged lately yet as soon as I put this conditioner on it’s always super silky and soft, I feel like it’s just worked miracles. You can buy it for 99p in Bodycare or you can buy the shampoo and conditioner together here.

eye faves
There’s two products that I’ve been absolutely loving for my eyes and I’ve been using them almost every day, the first is my Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara. When I first picked this up I wasn’t really that impressed but I was wearing liquid eyeliner at the time which had dripped onto my lashes and made them clumpy. I decided to try it without any other eye makeup on and oh my god it made such a difference. My lashes have been super volumised without any clumps and unlike a lot of mascaras this one actually stays on all day. The brush is a really fat cone shaped brush with synthetic bristles which is great for adding volume I’ve received a lot of compliments. Some days I’ve just popped this on my eyes and nothing else because it really makes my eyes stand out.

The second product that I’ve been loving is the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Endless Purple. I tried a tester on the back of my hand in the shop and wasn’t that impressed it seems quite chalky and didn’t look great at all but on the eyes it’s a whole different story. It has a great colour payoff and again lasts all day which is quite an achievement for an eyeshadow. Despite being a cream eyeshadow it doesn’t crease and just glides onto my eyes without any problems, I can’t wait to try more colours and have been wearing this repeatedly.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are priced at £4.99 and you can view the range here. The Soap and Glory mascara is priced at £10.00 and you can purchase that here.

face faves
For my face this month I’ve been enjoying using a lot of products but for the sake of this post I’ve narrowed it down to three which I feel like have really made a difference and have just generally been amazing. The first is my 2true Prime Perfect. This product was quite cheap in Superdrug and I wasn’t really expecting it to be that great but figured for the price it was worth a try and yet it’s done everything and more and has really exceeded my expectations. It makes my make up last a lot longer and it does an excellent job and smoothing out my face which is a job in itself as I have dry patches. I love the fact that it’s thin so I feel like my skin can still breath and isn’t caked in makeup and despite it being an orange colour it blends into any skintone which is just amazing. I’m definitely repurchasing this when I run out. You can buy it here.

The next product that I’ve been loving for my face is the Technic High Lights Complexion Highlighter. I’m not really a fan of Technic I remember buying the mascara and it already being dried up, the eyeliners were rock hard and really pale and useless and the nail polish chips quickly so I was very very sceptical of this but I wanted a highlighter and so I picked it up and my gosh it’s really delivered. I would go as far as to say that this is actually a great dupe for Benefit High Beam. It’s just great, the colour is lovely for the skin and it blends in surprisingly well, it does an excellent job of highlighting my cheekbones without just sitting there and looking obvious and a little goes a long way. I’m so impressed with it and will definitely repurchase. You can buy it here.

The third and final product I’ve been loving for my face is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder and I have it in the shade 003 Peach Glow. Again I’m really impressed with this it’s perfect for setting my makeup and despite not being the lightest shade it’s in no way orangey, it just adds a slight glow which is perfect for spring. The most impressive thing about this is that it’s really light and doesn’t cake light a lot of powders and unlike most powders it doesn’t cling to the dry patches of my skin but just looks as if I’m not wearing any powder so I’m really pleased with it. You can view and purchase it here.

skincare faves

For skincare I’m pretty sure you can guess which products I’m going to mention, I’ve been using both of them together and they’ve just made a massive difference to my skin and they are the Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner and the Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream. The Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner is great it removes all of my makeup even my stubborn eye makeup and is great for removing any excess oil or dirt on my face. My skin feels really refreshed after using it and it smells good too, but doesn’t irritate my skin. The Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream has also been a God-send. Literally it has got rid of every one of my dry patches and has kept my skin nice and hydrated without making it greasy. I do struggle with spots on my chin yet this moisturiser has not made them any worse which is great. My skin has felt silky smooth after using this and is just generally great at the moment, so I’m very impressed with both of these. You can purchase the Cleanser and Toner here and the Moisturiser here.

lip faves
I’ve been using quite a few lip products this month as I bought a lot of different ones and have been trying them but there’s one product that I’ve had on me at all times and have been constantly using and that is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I really like that this is hydrating and it smells absolutely gorgeous. It’s not overly creamy or waxy and just has a nice texture. The rosy tint it adds is also great and I’ve been literally just putting this on my lips and nothing else, I definitely want to try the rest of the range.  You can view the range here.

scent fave

I have been using a few different scents this month, I wear my Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume a lot and I’ve been using a body spray but decided not to mention that as it will probably be in my next empties post, the other product I’ve been using a lot is the one that’s made it into this favourites post and that is the Grace Cole Passionfruit and Guava Body Spritz. This body spritz actually smells like Rubicon and it always just makes me feel brighter as it reminds me of summer. My boyfriend has Asthma so I try not to spray to many aerosols in our room as it makes him struggle to breathe and this spritz is perfect as it’s a liquid spray rather than a gas which means I can spray it onto myself so I smell nice and it doesn’t affect my boyfriend. It was five pounds for a huge bottle from The House of Fraser and despite using it religiously I still have nearly a full bottle left so you do get plenty of product for your money, I’m looking forward to trying more from the Grace Cole Fruit Works range and you can view the range here.

tool faves

I’m not one to rave on about which beauty tools I use but there’s been two that I’ve really been loving this month. The first is my Lancome Eyelash Curlers, when I do my mascara I put one coat of a cheap one on use my eyelash curlers and then I add my Soap and Glory Mascara and my lashes end up huge. These eyelash curlers are just really nice to use, they grip all lashes but don’t pull on the skin or anything, the silicon pad is nice to use and can be replaced whenever needed rather than you needing to repurchase the curlers and they’ve just been great this month. My second and final tool that I’ve been loving is my Mineral Highlighter Brush, (Mineral is just the brand I think or it’s unbranded). I’ve been using this for my powder as it’s dual fibred and it’s just been amazing, it’s made up of synthetic fibres then right on the end it has fibres made from natural hair which are super soft. I’ve been using this daily and despite it not costing a lot it’s really good, the fibres are nice and soft and they don’t end up all over my face which is surprisingly good. It worked perfectly for my face and is a lot more flexible than a Kabuki brush. So I’ve been really liking that. You can buy the curlers here, but the mineral brush is not available online.

So that’s the end of my March Favourites, if you liked this post please hit the like button and if you’re not already following me feel free to do so. I’d love to hear what your favourites are so let me know in the comments, as usual if you have a post request you can leave it in the comments box or tweet me @ninarossjournal.

Thanks for reading
Nina x




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  1. alicesvision says:

    Great post I love the macadamia conditioner too! 🙂

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