Hellraisers – The Do’s and Don’ts of Eyebrow Grooming

Hello everyone, so today I’m going to be doing another post on eyebrows and this one is going to be the do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, I’ve seen a lot of people rocking brows that are way too dark for their hair colour or look like upside down “Nike” ticks and it’s just terrible, hopefully this post will help you avoid some of these mistakes.

The Tools
eyebrow tools
(Left Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown, Right Tweezers from Wilkinson)

The first thing I’m going to talk about is tweezers, I prefer slanted tweezers as they are really good at gripping the eyebrow hairs, they also have little grooves inside which are excellent for gripping hairs individually, to prevent a clump. A lot of people have asked me to recommend some decent tweezers, if you are on a tight budget then these ones from Wilkinson are pretty good, if you want the best of the best I’d recommend Tweezerman tweezers, they can be a little pricey but have cute designs and are great quality, you can view the range here.

This brings me onto my first point, do be sure to use tweezers to remove the excess hair, I remember in high school a girl telling me that she shaved her eyebrows because she was afraid of the pain from plucking, and guess what guys she had stubble on her eyebrows which was not a good look. If you’re afraid of the pain you can look into numbing sprays, make sure you don’t use ice as it tightens the follicle which can lead to more pain and complications.

You may also notice in the photo above that I’ve mention the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow pencil, I, like many people like to use a pencil to fill in any gaps in my eyebrows which is completely fine but the most important thing is do pick the correct colour, I’ve seen people with white blonde hair rocking black brows and it looks awful. If you dye your hair feel free to choose a different shade my hair is black so my eyebrow pencil is black brown which is perfect my for eyebrow colour, but if you have really light eyebrows and hair don’t go for a black liquid eyeliner to colour in your eyebrows.

eyebrow colours
(Left Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner, Right Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil)

Take a look at the photo above, now bear in mind that my eyebrows are a medium brown colour, which colour do you think looks better? I’ll answer the question, the professional eyebrow pencil looks streets better and best of all it looks natural whereas huge black slugs above my eyes do not.

When plucking eyebrows it’s all too easy to go overboard, do sit in a room with plenty of natural light and be at a medium distance from your mirror, plenty of people sit nose to the mirror when plucking, take a step back and realise that their eyebrows are pretty much non existant, do take breaks between plucking and check that your eyebrows are an average shape, if you have to use a magnifying glass to sot certain stray eyebrow hairs leave them be no-one else can see them.

This brings me onto shaping your eyebrows, take a look at the two photos below, which do you think looks better?

Picture A
beautiful brows
(I did not take this photo copyright and credit goes to those at http://szafa-estery.blogspot.co.uk)

Picture B
horrible brows

(I did not take this photo copyright and credit goes to those at pinterest.com)

I sincerely hope that all of you agreed that picture A had much nicer eyebrows that picture B which brings me onto my next point. When shaping your eyebrows do pick a shape that suits your face, and fill in the brows naturally to create a natural look, don’t shave off your brows and draw half of a circle above your eye, it looks terrible!

When plucking the hair it is important that you do it correctly do prevent damaged hair follicles (leaving you with patchy eyebrows and risk of infection). Do pluck the hairs in the direction of growth rather than plucking willy nilly, and do leave three weeks gap in between eyebrow plucking to prevent irritated, sore and damaged follicles.

Finally my last point is one of the most important and that is to avoid the eyebrow trends! It may sound ridiculous a beauty blogger telling you to avoid the trends but when it comes to eyebrows trust me on this. In the 60’s it was hugely popular to have pencil thin brows leading to lots of women oveprlucking their eyebrows, and guess what guys their eyebrows didn’t grow back! You might think it looks awesome having eyebrows so thin that they look drawn on but are you going to think that in thirty years time? Probably not. Do groom and shape your eyebrows to suit your face shape not anyone else, don’t overpluck, shave them off or crayon them in without thinking it through.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you did please hit the like button, I’d also like to know if you’ve been enjoying this do’s and don’ts post, if you do have any suggestions of posts that you would like me to do please let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you all!

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  1. elliemaesday says:

    Haha love the upside down nike tick remark, loved this post!

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