Disappointing Products That I Won’t Be Repurchasing

Hi everyone, so lately I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and buying a lot of beauty products, but unfortunately as with all products some are awesome but some are disappointing and in this post I’ll be going through the products that I didn’t really like and will not be repurchasing. Please bear in mind that just because I don’t like these particular products this doesn’t mean that the brands are bad, some of the brands I adore and these are just odd products that I disliked. Anyway, without further ado let’s begin.

Hair Products:
So as you can see there’s three products here, some you may have expected and some may have come as a surprise for you.

The first one is the V05 High Volume Weather Resistant Hairspray. I usually love VO5 products and I’ve recently mentioned some in my Beach Waves hair tutorial, but sadly this one just doesn’t live up to expectations. It claims to give excellent volume, to protect as a shield against humidity, to create a healthy shine, and an all day hold that brushes out easily of which are big claims to make and yet this product doesn’t do any of these. I use it when I have my hair in a ponytail and I’ve found that my hair doesn’t stay in place at all, it feels crispy to the touch yet looks greasy and it doesn’t add any volume at all so I won’t be repurchasing this.

The L’oreal Paris Studioline Matt and Messy Salt Spray I’ve mentioned before. I saw a lof of celebrity hairdressers using this so reall wanted to try it but all it did was leave me with a huge frizzy mane and ended up damaging my hair to the point that I was worried it was going to start breaking, and that was only after two uses, so I definitely won’t use this again.

I also disliked the Systeme Pro-Vitamin 2 in 1 Styling Gel Spray. This product is supposed to be kind of like a cross between a mousse and a hairspray, it’s a liquid spray and apparently also contains conditioner, but if I’m honest it’s just pants. I spray it on my hair and it just leaves my hair looking greasy, it doesn’t have any hold and is like spraying water onto my hair, it just does nothing, so sadly I won’t be using this again.

Thankfully at this moment in time there’s only one product that I recently purchased and didn’t really like and that is the L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I picked this up after seeing tons of people rave on about how amazing it was and if I’m honest I hate it. It’s supposed to dissolve make-up, unclog pores, remove impurities all whilst toning and soothing the skin. The product is also described as “High Performance”, “Hypo-allergenic” and “Suitable For Sensitive Skin”. Basically in my opinion this product isn’t any of these, it struggled to remove any of my make-up and in the end I had to just use my Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner to remove my makeup. My pores weren’t really unclogged and worst of all, despite the claims of this product, it left my skin red and a little sore too. So overall I was pretty disappointed about this product.

Eye Makeup:
The first product that I was super disappointed with in eye makeup was the Saffron Waterproof Eyeliner. It comes in a large tube so I thought that it was a bargain to get so much product but it is literally impossible to use as the brush is not nibbed but instead is like a nail polish brush which is impossible to lining the eyes with. I tried this once my eye makeup looked absolutely terrible so I ended up buying a different eyeliner. Needless to say the entire tube is now dried up and I’m just annoyed that it’s all gone to waste.

The next product really saddens me because I adore Barry M especially their nail polishes but this product just didn’t do it for me. The colour is stunning and the texture is really creamy but the product just doesn’t stay on the eyes and ends up gone after an hour which is so depressing because it’s such a gorgeous colour. Also with it being a pencil it constantly needs sharpening leading to a lot of product wastage so unfortunately I have to slate this eye product.

Face Makeup:
The next two products on my list are both from Laval and they are the Laval Perfect Finish Moisture Makeup and the Laval Creme Powder, both of which are huge let downs.

The foundation is super thin and watery and just smears around the face, it doesn’t really stick to the face and doesn’t offer any coverage it just ends up sitting there looking messy, it also fails to dry at all leading to it going everywhere.

The powder didn’t look bad at all especially as it’s very pale so I was quite excited. The powder though is rock hard I had to bash it with a pen to be able to use it at all and when I finally did use it, it clung to the dry areas on my face and made them look worse and again wouldn’t stick to my face so I haven’t used it since.

There’s only one product for lips, technically there should be two as the Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Stain made me lips super sore and furry but I’m already thrown that out so I’ve only got a photo of this lip gloss which is the Max Factor Lip gloss (it doesn’t say which one.)

I really disliked this lip gloss as it was super sticky and although it looks like a nice berry colour it’s a pinky brown which I definitely didn’t want. Worst of all it honestly reeks, I’m not sure what the smell is I think it was meant to be chocolate but it is absolutely disgusting, so I definitely won’t be repurchasing this.

Body products:
There’s only one product in this section and that is the I love…Strawberries and Cream Body Butter. I was extremely disappointed with this product. I purchased it after I bought and fell in love with the I love…Coconut and Cream Lip Balm. It was super hydrating and smelt gorgeous, and seeing as I love strawberries I figured that I’d like this product. The body butter feels greasy on my skin, it does sink in eventually but it takes a while and the smell is revolting it smells really strongly of those Strawberry Whips and I always hated those, so I definitely won’t be using this any time soon.

This is the last section of this post, as I much prefer writing positive reviews than negative ones and thankfully this is the last of my product let downs. The Nail Varnishes included are Technic Nail Polishes, Miss Sporty in Hypnotic Turquoise and the Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamels.

The Technic polishes are super watery so you need multiple coats to get the colour in the bottle which is super depressing, also they chip really quickly and only last me a day or two at the maximum before looking awful.

The Revlon Enamels claim to dry super quickly but they took ages to dry in my opinion, again I had to layer coats to get the look in the bottle although they did last a while before chipping, they’re not worth the price though in my opinion.

Finally, I’ve mentioned the Miss Sporty Nail Polish before, basically the colour isn’t the same in the bottle, I’m not a fan of the wide brush as I have small nails and it chips pretty quickly. It’s better than the Technic polishes but it still isn’t great.

Overall I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry if it was slightly disheartening I just would hate it if you guys wasted your money on products that weren’t that great. If you liked this post please hit the like button, and if you’re not already following me feel free to. Also if you’ve tried any of these products or even have some products that you were disappointed with, let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you all!


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4 Responses to Disappointing Products That I Won’t Be Repurchasing

  1. alicesvision says:

    Really helpful information on some products, thanks!

  2. Ellie Parker says:

    That’s a real shame about the Barry m liner, was hoping they’d be good! Thanks for the tips!

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