From Fruity To Sweet – Top Three Lip Balms

Today I’m going to be telling you my top three lip balms (this is my current faves and will probably change in the future), I’m a huge fan of lip balms, they’re great for moisturising the lips and now it’s getting towards spring if you want either nude or bright make-up on then it’s great for adding a shine to the lips to compliment all eye make-up, so without further ado here are the lip balms I’m loving.

I love…Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm
So I picked up this lip-balm on my beauty haul and I have to say I’m absolutely loving it. It’s fairly thick which I like as I feel like my lips are getting plenty of moisture and I find it really hydrating. I’m a huge fan of coconut scented products and this one smells quite strong, I’ve been asked what I’m wearing and it’s been the smell of my lip balm! It really does smell divine. My lips are often in danger of getting sore or chapped because I do wear lipstick regularly which is known to dry out the lips but I’ve been popping this on in a morning whilst I’ve been doing my eye makeup and my lips are super soft. The only downside to this product is that it is white in colour so you have to make sure it’s rubbed in otherwise you look like you have food on your mouth, but at the same time because it’s so thick a little goes a long way. I will definitely be repurchasing it and will hopefully get to try some of the other flavours as well.

Vaseline’s Rosy Lips Lip Therapy
pink vaseline
(I did not take this photo all credit and copyright goes to those at this website:

So when I was really young Vaseline consisted of a huge tub of clear unscented petroleum jelly that I’d slather on my lips when it was cold, but now Vaseline has expanded into creating pots small enough to fit into the pocket and in a range of colours depending on what you are needing. This one is one of my personal favourites. As you can see by the photo in contains rose and almond oil which is really hydrating for the lips but also creates a light, floral/sweet scent which is nice to put on the lips. Vaseline isn’t too thick so you don’t feel like your lips and weighed down in gunk, yet your lips still get plenty of moisture. What my favourite thing is about this product is that it’s tinted pink so when applied adds a nice pink tint to your lips which is always nice especially if you have pale lips. I would repurchase this product but I do want to try the other Vaseline’s as well at the moment there’s a limited edition Pink Bubbly edition that I want to try and I loved the look of the Paint The Town Red Vaseline as well.

Body Shop Born Lippy in Passionberry
The colour of this lip balm is a bright purple but when applied it is clear (I can’t tell if there is a hint of purple of if I’m just imagining it), the thickness is thicker than Vaseline but not as thick as the I Love… lip balm so if you’re an “in betweener” then this is suited to you. It comes in a range of scents I’ve had the strawberry one which is yummy but I adore passionfruit so this scent is really nice especially for spring with the fruitiness. Again this is a very moisturising lip balm I haven’t used it tons as I’ve been addicted to my coconut lip balm but I do love this one and body shop products are always lovely, so I would also repurchase this product.

I hope you all enjoyed this review if you enjoyed it please hit the like button. What lip balms are you loving, have you tried these products? Let me know in the comments!


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3 Responses to From Fruity To Sweet – Top Three Lip Balms

  1. alicesvision says:

    Great post, I am a massive lip balm lover so might have to try some 🙂

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