Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel – Decadent Review

Hello everyone, today I’m going be doing a review on the Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel. I picked up this in the colour Decadent which is a rich purple which shines blue in the light and purchased it on my last beauty haul.
The product itself promises to have dried on your nails within sixty seconds to create a smooth salon-smooth finish. As the rest of us know painting our nails takes a while especially if like me you’re impatient and keep smudging them by accident, so for Revlon to claim that their Top Speed Nail Enamel dries in sixty seconds is quite a big statement to make.

Honestly I wasn’t massively impressed with the drying speed and I definitely don’t think it dried in sixty seconds, after applying it I did wait but it was still tacky after a few minutes and smudged so I had to start all over again, so personally for me I don’t think the price justified the claim but that’s just my opinion.
As you can see from the bottle the colour is very vibrant so I was super excited to have this colour on my nails. Also with the brand being Revlon (and therefore pricey) I expected my nails to look flawless, so imagine my shock when I put on the first coat and it was super watery. Again I wasn’t really impressed although I did manage to achieve this colour with two to three coats of polish.
The colour itself really is stunning and although it does take a couple of coats of polish to build it up it is really pretty. I find that a lot of the time with purple nail varnishes they often look a lot darker in the bottle than they do on the nails so I was pleased when I managed to achieve the same colour.

Although the drying time and the fact that you need to use multiple coats of the polish isn’t great the longevity of the nail polish was pretty decent, for me it lasted roughly five days before it started to really chip bear in mind that I didn’t use a top coat and I bite my nails on top of that so I was pretty impressed.

I don’t think I’d buy this nail polish at full price as I had high expectations and I felt like it just didn’t deliver but for the price I got it at which was £2.99 from a market stall I can’t really complain. If you are on the hunt for a nail varnish that dries quickly this isn’t particularly excellent, it’s not terrible but I don’t think it dries as quickly as it claims to. If you are wanting a nail polish that lasts a long time and doesn’t chip then I would recommend this polish as I was pleasantly surprised.

Buy it here (RRP £6.49)


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