Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow Review

Today I’m going to be talking to you about a product that I picked up in my beauty haul which is the Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Fine Silver. I hope you find the review informative and helpful, I have used this product on its own for my eyes but also as a base for other products.
So this is the packaging for the Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow, they come in a little pot with a lid that unscrews. The packacing is simple with the flower logo and the brand name but I quite like it I think it’s suited to the name. I wouldn’t trust a brand claiming to promote natural beauty if it had flamboyant packaging but that’s just me. As the pots are small they’re perfect for travelling with and they don’t take up a lot of space in the makeup bad which is definitely a plus for me.

As you can see the shadow is a nice, fine, pressed powder. The texture is soft and smooth so it’s easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about any gritty bits if you have sensitive eyes. It’s also worth nothing that the product is fragrance free so again if you have sensitive skin or sensitive eyes you *should* be okay with this product.
The product doesn’t come with an eyeshadow brush so you will need to get one if you don’t have one already, but this isn’t a huge deal to me (I know some of you may be bothered by that though.) As you can see the colour I’m reviewing is Fine Silver but in the past I’ve also tried the Lilac Shimmer and the Aqua Shimmer colours as well.
The pigmentation isn’t super high on this product so if you’re looking for a bold colours I probably wouldn’t recommend this brand however if you are a fan of pastel shades then this brand is a must have. The colour can be built up with several swipes which is nice, also it does have a shimmer to it so if you’re lookign for a matte shadow then this probably isn’t the one for you. I should also point out that at the moment I am not using primer so if you do use primer the colour will probably be brighter and will most likely last longer as well.

The longevity isn’t great for this product I find that by the end of the day it has faded away leaving a slight sheen of glitter on my eyelids and nothing more (again I don’t use primer at the moment so if you do use primers or setting sprays you may get a better result)this product is nice though if you are just popping out for a little bit and it’s nice for daytime I don’t think I’d wear it on an evening though unless I was doing really bold lips and wanted to have low key eye makeup.

For the product it’s not terrible but it doesn’t have the “wow factor” either, however if you do like your makeup to be natural looking then Natural Collection is a decent brand to try. For £1-2 pounds I’m not going to complain.

Buy it here.

Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments!
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2 Responses to Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow Review

  1. elliemaesday says:

    Thats such a pretty colour! I’ll definitely have to try the natural collection eye shadows now.

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