Barry M Kohl Pencil in Kingfisher review

So today I’m going to be reviewing one of the products that I picked up on my beauty haul which is the Barry M Kohl Pencil in Kingfisher.
I’ve been using this product for four days now so can give you a decent review of the product and if it’s worth the price.
(Barry M Kohl Pencil in Kingfisher (19) RRP £2.99)

Before I start the review properly here is a swatch for you as a guideline.
So as you can see from the photos taken, the product is highly pigmented and has a really vibrant colour that I absolutely adore. A single swipe is enough to create a really bright eye shimmer which is great for those who love bold eye makeup.

The texture of the product is very soft and creamy, this leads to easy application as the pencil glides onto your eyelid rather than scratching your eyelid and needing to be applied multiple times. A downside to the creaminess is that for those with deep creases in their eyelids this product will sink into the creases and stay there which is never a good thing although the creaminess does make blending an easy job.

Although the product has a soft texture and a vivid colour is does lack in the longevity department. The first time I wore this product I didn’t apply primer and within an hour it had faded. When I wear it to University I apply Natural Collection’s Solo Shadow in Fine Silver as a base which holds it for several hours, but if you want a bold colour to last from dawn until dusk then sadly this product isn’t it.

Despite the couple of downsides to this product it’s priced at a mere £2.99 so I think I will be purchasing this again and trying different colours if I want a a bold colour on my eyelids for a short amount of time but I will also be trying coloured eye pencils from different makeup brands to try to see if I can find any better.

This product is available from Boots for £2.99 or you can purchase it here.

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. alicesvision says:

    This colour really does suit you !

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