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So today I’ve decided to answer some of your beauty questions. I’ll be doing a make-up haul at the weekend so there’s still plenty more product reviews to come but seeing as I’ve had a fair few questions asked about beauty I’ve decided that it’s time to answer them 🙂

Q: How do I stop my make-up from coming off on a night out?
 For nights out the best thing to use is some setting spray, it’s a product that you spray on your face to hold your make-up in place. One I haven’t tried but is affordable is the Cheeky Freeze Frame Make Up Setting Spray available at Superdrug for £10.
Buy it here.

Q: My hair is getting really dry on the ends how can I inject some life into it?
Drugstores such as Superdrug and Boots stock deep conditioning treatments such as Aussie’s 3 minute miracle colour deep replenishment for as little as 99p. Another product that I swear by is Henna Wax by Richard’s and Appleby it’s sold for as little as £2 and works wonders for dry hair.

Q: My hair is really frizzy and I want to create textured and defined curls help!
For beach waves I’d highly recommend L’oreal Studioline Matt&Messy Salt Spray it’s available for £3.75 at Boots at creates tousled beach waves. I’m also a huge fan of V05 curl defining mousse from the smoothly does it range it’s available from Superdrug for £3.79 and creates wet looking, defined curls it also provides heat defence which is great for hot days or if you’re using curling tongs!

Buy Salt Spray here.
Buy V05 Curl Defining Mousse here.

Q: I want to dye my hair blonde, what’s the best bleach to use?
I’ve tried a fair few bleaches but my favourite is the B blonde range by Jerome Russell, you buy the powders and the peroxide separately but it lightened my hair from dark brown to blonde and my hair was still silky soft afterwards. Just follow the instructions carefully as with any bleach if you leave it on your hair will get really damaged and may snap.
Buy the peroxide cream here.

Q: I have really short eyelashes how can I make them longer?
I’d definitely say mascara but if you’re wanting your existing lashes to grow then try Diorshow Maxmizer Lash Plumping Serum by Christian Dior, it is quite pricey though so if you’re on a budget I’d stick with mascara Maybelline and Rimmel London do some excellent mascaras.
Buy it here.

Q: How do I know if my foundation matches my skintone?
The best thing to do is to apply a small amount to your face and to compare it to the skin on your neck, if you’re worried about doing this go into a store such as Boots and ask at the beauty counter and the assistants will be happy to help you.

Q: How do I apply blusher?
When applying blusher you want to put it on over the top of your foundation using a blusher brush. It’s a common misconception that blusher is applied by creating a thick pink line across your cheekbones, this is wrong! You want to dust across the apples of your cheeks and blend it in with your foundation the idea of blush is to create a natural glow not to look like you’ve been slapped across the face.

Q: What foundation is good for sensitive skin?
For sensitive skin I’d always recommend mineral foundations, they’re a bit more expensive but contain less irritants and chemicals so they’re less likely to irritate your skin. Keep an eye out for ones that have the word “Hypoallergenic” on them this means they’re formulated for sensitive skin.

Q: What foundations are good for darker skin?
MAC, Max factor and Iman are all good for darker skin I’d also recommend Sleek, Laura Mercier or IllaMasqua as brand choices.

Q: If I want to switch to a new foundation what’s the best way to go about it?
First of all identify your skin tone, if you have pale skin then Maybelline probably isn’t a great choice as their foundations tend to be more orangey. Once you’ve identified your skin tone you can google different brands and look at the cosmetic ranges. Read reviews and look up make-up swatches to get an idea of the colour then before buying I’d recommend going into a store and trying some of the testers on your wrists to see which colours match. For paler skin I’d recommend Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation I use it daily it it offers great coverage. For medium skin Max Factor’s Lasting Performance Foundation is quite popular and for darker skin try MAC or Iman.

Q: My lipstick constantly needs to be reapplied how can I make it last for longer?
One of my favourite products of all time has to be Lipcote. Lipcote is a Lip sealant you apply it over your lipstick and it hardens meaning that your lipstick lasts hours rather than minutes. It’s clear coloured so can be used for any shade of lipstick as is available in most make-up and beauty stores for £3.69
Buy it here.

Q: How do I know what lipstick colours will suit me?
Different lipsticks suit different skin tones, for those with dark skin bright colours such as coral, red and hot pink really look beautiful. I personally have pale skin with a yellow tint so classic red lipsticks look awful on me but plum and berry colours look good. The best way to find the right colour is to select a lipstick that is two shades darker than your natural lip.

Q: My lips get really dry how can I still wear lipstick?
I wear lipstick daily so I can understand the worry about getting dry lips. The best thing to do is to apply lip balm whenever you’re not wearing lipstick and to apply a thin coat of it before applying lipstick. Rimmel London also do a moisture renewal lipstick range that allows you to wear lipstick without getting super dry lips.

So there we have the first Q&A I will be doing these regularly so don’t forget if you have a burning beauty question, you can email me at


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