Making Eyes – Mascaras tried and tested.

If there’s one thing that I use every day without fail it has to be mascara and no matter what anyone says the different types do matter,and mascara does matter. So because I’m nice (and because I run a beauty blog) I’ve tried, tested and reviewed five different mascaras for you.

W7 Big Lash Mascara (£1.99 RRP £3.99)
So you might look at this review and the price of this mascara and thing “that isn’t bad” I have to say this mascara isn’t bad…it just isn’t great either. If you use several coats you can build up fairly volumised lashes but I have to say the length didn’t seem to change that much. I think I’d recommend it for people with light coloured lashes as it will probably have more effect then but for me it wasn’t amazing. Overall for the price it’s not a bad mascara so if I was on a tight budget I would probably buy it again.

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Buy it here.

W7 Show Stopper Mascara (£1.31 RRP £3.99)
Considering this second mascara is also by W7 you probably think that it’s going to be similar to the Big Lash mascara but if you do think that then you’re wrong. I used this mascara for a year and loved it (until I discovered Maybelline mascara but that’s another story). The brush is wide at the bottom and thins out towards to top which is great for creating lovely lashes that fan out. Similar to the Big Lash mascara you do need more than one coat, but at a cheap price there’s nothing really to complain about.
Buy it here.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara (£6.99)
I am utterly in love with this product, with literally one coat it creates instant volumised lashes and it adds to length as well. It is waterproof so stays on in all weather and can withstand tears as well which is always a bonus. The brush is thick to create extra volume, just be careful not to get any clumps when using it. The only downside is that it can be a pain to get off but other than that it’s great I will be buying this mascara again and definitely recommend it to anyone.
Buy it here.

Rimmel London Eye Magnifier Exact Definition Mascara
If you’re looking for a mascara that gives you super long eyelashes then this is the mascara for you. The wand is thin with thin rubber bristles to lengthen and define each eyelash individually so this mascara is especially great to use at the corner of your eyes. This is the best mascara I’ve used for length so I would buy it again.
This particular mascara seems to be discontinued but there are several alternatives at Boots.

Rimmel London Eye Magnifier Eye Opening Mascara
I’ve got to be totally honest this mascara is nearly identical to the Rimmel London Eye Magnifier Eye Opening Mascara so I honestly don’t really see why it was created (unless it was to make more money). The only different I’ve noticed is that the rubber bristles on the wand are a bit shorter so if you’re wanting a more subtle look this mascara is probably better that the Exact Definition one. Apart from that I don’t think I’d buy it again simply because I prefer the Exact Definition Mascara, but it’s still a decent product.
This particular mascara also seems to be discontinued but there are several alternatives at Boots.

Which mascara do you use? Tell me in the comments!

Next post will be your questions and my answers, so if you  have a burning beauty question email me at you might just make the post!




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4 Responses to Making Eyes – Mascaras tried and tested.

  1. Ellie Parker says:

    My favourite mascara ever is benefits ‘they’re real’. It is just amazing! But I really love maybeline aswell 🙂

  2. Neela says:

    Very nice! Also can you review nail varnishes that don’t chip pleeeeease?? Xxx

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