From Flaky to Flawless – Tried and Tested Foundations

For those of us who don’t have perfect skin (almost everyone unless you’re Heidi Klum) foundation is a must but with so many different brands, which one should you go for? To save you the trouble (and the money in some cases) I’ve tried and tested six different foundations for all skin types all priced under £10, so if it’s spots you’re donning you’d best get scrolling!

Constance Caroll Lasting Matt Foundation (£1.58)
Constance Caroll Lasting Matt Foundation is described as providing you with flawless matt coverage to create a healthy smooth complexion and is available in seven different tones. I have to say this foundation is pretty awful. The foundation itself is really thin so unless you have a decent primer there is no way it will last twelve hours like it promises, secondly it doesn’t seem to stick to the face very well. Some of my favourite foundations are dry within minutes and provide a flawless complexion yet this stuff seems to wipe straight off which isn’t ideal for a day out. I’m all for beauty on a budget but if you want a decent foundation you should pass on this one.
Buy it here.

Laval Perfect Finish Moisture Makeup in Ivory (£2.45)
The trouble with this foundation is that it’s really greasy so unless you have dry skin and an excellent primer again it’s not worth bothering with. I found that the coverage was so sheer that any spots I had were on show and again the foundation refused to stick to my face unless I had dry skin and within an hour it had rubbed off. Again despite what it says on the tin it’s not a great make-up I won’t be buying it again.
Buy it here. 

W7 Flawless Magic Foundation in Buff (£3.99)
Considering the low price this product really did surpass my expectations, it’s available in various tones and offers coverage sheer enough to stop you looking like you’re wearing a mask but thick enough that all your spots and blemishes are hidden. I’d say the main downside for this make-up is that it does rub off but it does last a few hours first so it’s not bad. I was quite pleased with the results for the price and if you can’t afford the expensive foundations it is worth looking into.
Buy it here.

Stargazer Liquid Foundation in White (£4.00)
I honestly have a love-hate relationship with this foundation it is both great and terrible depending what you’re after. The tone of it is literally paper white so if you’re a Goth (like me) it’s great for creating a white complexion. The downside to this foundation is that it is really thin and doens’t stick to the face too well so you do need a base underneath, it is pretty handy if you have a decent foundation that’s too dark for you as you can mix this foundation with it to create decent coverage and a pale colour. I would buy it again.
Buy it here.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory (£6.99)
I am honestly in love with this foundation it is seriously good. You don’t need a lot because it’s moderately thick which saves you money, with the coverage you can add a little bit to create a sheer coverage or add a bit more for a heavier coverage. The foundation itself matches my skin-tone perfectly so there’s no trouble with my face being one colour and my neck being another colour and best of all it dries within minutes so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off after an hour. I’d recommend this product to anyone.
Buy it here.

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation (£9.99)
Max factor foundation does offer decent coverage although I found it a little on the greasy side, the main trouble I had with this foundation though is the colour range. Similar to Maybelline foundations the colours range is mainly medium skin tones to dark skin tones so even the palest colour left my face looking orange which I wasn’t a fan of. If you’re looking for a long lasting foundation and have medium to dark skin then it’s not a bad product although in my opinion a little overpriced, but if you’re wanting a product for fairer skin then this isn’t really that suitable.
Buy it here.

So which foundations do you use? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments! Also I will be running a Q and A on make-up and hair products soon so if you have any queries you can email me at 


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  1. elliemaesday says:

    Nice post, I love Rimmel match perfection! It’s amazing for the price x

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